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Image by Matheo JBT

Regulation of Carbon Capture and Storage in Iceland

Photo: Matheo JBT/Unsplash

About the project

This research will explore domestic and international law relating to Carbon Capture and Storage projects. Carbon Capture and Storage is a technology that involves capturing and permanently storing carbon dioxide. The potential benefit for Iceland in providing a good basis for Carbon Capture and Storage projects is considerable. Iceland, with its geographical advantages, is an ideal location for these projects, hosting world-leading projects in this field such as Carbfix, Running Tide, and Koldís. Special attention will be given to the current legal environment in Iceland and the challenges facing the legislature. The research will analyse the permitting process under the existing legal framework; the approaches taken by governmental institutions; identify key challenges; and propose legal reform. The aim of this research is to lay out the scope and effects of Icelandic laws and flesh out the basis for decisions regarding research and work permits in Carbon Capture and Storage projects. It explores gaps between law and emerging industries and explains how currently applicable laws apply to the next generation of climate change projects. The research will analyse State responsibility in relation to obligations to mitigate the impacts of climate change, inter alia through Carbon Capture and Storage projects. Finally, it proposes legal reform with the purpose of clarifying Icelandic law governing the permitting process and eradicating unnecessary challenges. 



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