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Image by Emma Francis

Grotian Moments and the Law of the Sea

Photo: Emma Francis/Unsplash

About the project

Participation in a larger study of Grotian Moments in International Law, lead by Dr. Mark Somos and Dr. Tom Sparks at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law. The project involved a workshop with several academics and legal practitioners, the publication of a special issue of Grotiana and a book on Grotian Moments.

Dr. Árnadóttir's contributions focus on Grotian Moments in the law of the sea and, in particular, proposals to freeze maritime limits in order to ensure opposability as coastlines change due to climate change. They consider the normative impact of such declarations on the law of the sea; whether they signal a revised interpretation of the law, the emergence of new customary international law or a diversion from a forthcoming paradigm shift in public international law more generally.


  • Snjólaug ‘The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Maritime Limits: A Grotian Moment in the Law of the Sea?’ (2021) 42 Grotiana, 277-303.

  • Forthcoming: Snjólaug Árnadóttir, ‘Emerging State Practice on Maritime Limits: A Grotian Moment Unveiling a Hidden Truth?’, Mark Somos and Tom Sparks (eds.) Grotian Moments in International Law (Brill 2023).


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